Water and Sewer Treatment Plant Nears Completion and Commercial Property Development Begins Soon

Progress continues at Spring Mountain Estates. With the Water and Sewer Treatment plant nearing completion, and commercial construction to begin this season, we are well on our way to seeing new and exciting skyline changes around this desert paradise.

Construction on our Water & Sewer Treatment plant is nearly complete: two massive 600-gallon water tanks have been filled and paving is underway on the surrounding area, along with final testing of the system prior to turning over operations to Great Basin Water Co. The $13.7M project will serve Spring Mountain Estates, the commercial development and surrounding areas.

Monumental changes to the skyline are on the horizon at the front entrance, with our commercial development poised to begin construction this season. Conditional use permits for a 125-room Hotel, Casino, Starbucks and two additional restaurant pads were applied for this summer by Majestic Properties. Construction on the project will begin in mid-October, and we are thrilled to offer our members more options for recreation, dining and entertainment at the facility.

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